Live AI Translation for churches...
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Our real-time AI translation platform will help you create a place where everyone can belong. Overcome language barriers and make your church services accessible to the hearing impaired with our live captions and translation.

Our moderation feature enables you to reach 100% transcription accuracy with ease.

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Our Features

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Your congregation can access the translation and transcription using the browser on their mobile device

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Apply your custom branding and use a branded url

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Trained for a church context

We use custom AI models trained for a church context, enhancing the ability to understand biblical terminology, reducing errors in speech comprehension, and giving a more accurate interpretation of the spoken content.

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Written and audio translation available

You can use both written and audio translation.

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Enable moderation to add the ability to correct each line of text captured before it is translated and sent out. Make quick word replacements or edit the text to reach 100% accuracy.

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Download transcripts

Download the transcript and translations after each session has ended

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Pricing & Plans

Choose Your Plan

Choose the plan that best suits your needs. Whether you need a monthly subscription or one-time use, our pricing calculator helps estimate costs based on your preferences. Adjust parameters like hours, languages, and listeners to see how it affects the total. Our aim is transparency and helping you pick the right plan for your budget and requirements. Start exploring now to find your ideal fit!

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Supported Languages

Portuguese (PT)
Portuguese (BR)

Expand Your Reach: Discover Our Multilingual Capabilities

Our platform supports a wide range of languages for inclusivity and accessibility. Currently, we support 32+ languages, including those listed here. We understand each church's uniqueness and are dedicated to meeting diverse linguistic needs. If you need translation in a language not listed here, please contact us. We'll do our best to add it to better serve your congregation.

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OneAccord has been a gamechanger for our church. We are an international church with people from different parts of the world. We have people who don't speak English, and people who are in the process of improving their English, and it means no one is left out, everyone feels welcome and is able to fully understand the message, it makes a huge difference for them!
Gabriel and Ugochi Adams

Pastors at Majesty House

Our church had seen an increase in various culture groups attending our church. While they were working to learn English, they could not fully engage in the service particularly the scripture reading and sermon.  We began exploring options and came upon  After initial conversations we found they met all three things we were looking for - they were focused on Churches, their product was functional, and they were affordable.  We have not been disappointed and it’s been wonderful to see how supportive the team is.  I can not imagine going back to not having our service accessible in other languages. Thanks
Mike E.

Pastor, Regina, SK


How does it work?

OneAccord is easy to set up with no specialist equipment needed. The host for the session logs into our application and connects audio from the sound mixer to their device (e.g. laptop) so that we can receive the mic audio. The audio is streamed to our server where it is translated into the requested languages. Anyone who needs to access the transcription/translation can then browse to your branded url e.g. on their mobile device, select their language, and access both the live written and audio translation.

What are the technical requirements to access the translation?

You just need a device with internet access and a web browser.

How long does it take for the translation to appear?

The translation is done live so appears almost instantly

How well will it recognise what I'm saying?

We use AI models trained with a wide variety of speech so it does a good job of understanding different accents. It is also trained in biblical terminology and terminology used in churches and in sermons to boost the understanding of these terms.

How does the moderation work?

The host can enable moderation to have a period in which to review each line of speech transcribed before it is finalised, translated and sent out. During that period, they can hit pause, and they then have unlimited time to make any edits needed. We make editing easy by suggesting alternative versions or similar words so you can make quick replacements. We also enable you to enter custom vocabulary to boost the recognition, e.g. names of people, your church name, the name of your neighbourhood or specific programmes you run.

Should I choose one-off usage or a subscription?

If you will be using the translation every week for more than 3 hours a month, a monthly subscription works out cheaper. If you will be using it for less than 3 hours a month or just occasionally, then one-off credits will be more suitable. One-off credits are valid for 90 days so are more flexible, whereas the subscription credits expire after a month so are better for consistent use.

I need a language that isn't listed

No problem, send us a message and let us know what you need!

How much does it cost?

Our standard pricing includes 5 languages and up to 30 listeners for $40/hour or $30/hour with a monthly subscription of 5 hours. Use the pricing calculator above to calculate the price if more languages and listeners are added.

Is there any setup or onboarding fee?

No, there is no setup or onboarding fee!

Are transcripts available?

Yes! At the end of each session, you will be able to see how many people used the service and download the transcription, and the translations for any languages that were used.

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